Are you interested in moving closer to a happy, positive relationship with your dog?


Force-Free Solutions To Help

You Be a Happy Leader

It is true, dogs are unique and there is no "one size fits all" prescription, but the principles of learning are the same across all species. That is why I work to understand your needs, abilities, and goals to create a unique plan just for you using scientifically and ethically sound techniques. I promise to never use force, pain, or intimidation with your animals as recommended by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

Body Handling

Prepare your dog to cooperate for:


Foxtail Checks

Nail Trims

Veterinary Care

Medical Treatments

Getting Dressed

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American Kennel Club

Offering testing and training in:

Canine Good Citizen

Community Canine

Urban Canine Good Citizen

Novice Tricks

Intermediate tricks

Advanced Tricks

Performer Tricks

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Basic Skills

Working together on :

Loose Leash Walking


Leave It



Back Up

and More!

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