Are you interested in moving closer to a happy, positive relationship with your dog?


Force-Free Solutions To Help

You Be a Happy Leader

It is true, dogs are unique and there is no "one size fits all" prescription. That is why I work to understand your needs, abilities, and goals to create a unique plan just for you using scientifically and ethically sound techniques. I promise to never use force, pain, or intimidation with your animals.

Body Handling

Prepare your dog to cooperate for:


Foxtail Checks

Nail Trims

Veterinary Care

Medical Treatments

Getting Dressed

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American Kennel Club

Offering testing and training in:

Canine Good Citizen

Community Canine

Urban Canine Good Citizen

Novice Tricks

Intermediate tricks

Advanced Tricks

Performer Tricks

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Basic Skills

Working together on :

Loose Leash Walking


Leave It



Back Up

and More!

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