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About Micaela Young, DVM

I began my training career in high school when my mom decided she needed a hearing alert service dog. Through the process of working with her dog, Shadow, I began to get curious about training. Since then, I've continued to learn and expand my knowledge and skills, including:

--At West Virginia University, I completed 'Service Dog Learning,' a course to train mobility assistance dogs--

--Completion of an undergraduate internship and veterinary externship at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center in Philadelphia, where I became experienced in handling young, driven working dogs--

--Personal mentorship from Carol Harvey of Dog Tags, LLC in Morgantown, WV and Nancy Abplanap of Thinking Dogs, LLC in Davis, CA--

 --Communication with a large local network of humane, force-free trainers--

--Attendance at continuing education seminars--

--Current enrollment in Jean Donaldson's Academy for Dog Trainers--

Happy Lead began out of my passion for helping owners one-on-one to develop creative training solutions to the problems that interfere with happy human-dog relationships. I also teach group classes for older puppies. Contact me to schedule an appointment and start a training plan. I am happy to provide referrals to other trusted professionals where appropriate.

I graduated from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and am licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the state of California. For medical appointments, you can find me at Happy Tails Animal Hospital in Vacaville.


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