Training Gallery

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Cooperative Eye Exam

Wrestling matches are for the dog park, not the veterinary clinic.

Help make your dogs next visit less stressful by preparing them to cooperate in the exam.

Paws in the Box

Why? Because we can! Free shaping is a great mental exercise for your dog! Too tired from a long day or rainy outside- all you need is a biddable dog to play this game.

Get the Mail

Delivering the mail turned out to be a great alternative behavior to barking at the mailman.

Picking up the Keys

Guess learns one of her service dog tasks- picking up the keys if her partially deaf handler drops them.

Capturing Stationing

Dog training can be just as simple as letting your dog know you like the things they already do! Curie learns that her bed seems to make great things happen.

Senior Scentwork

At 16, Patty was still enjoying training games, like scent work! She sniffs out the spot where the container that smells of Birch is hidden, then scratches to indicate she has found it.

Get your Leash

Wouldn't it be nice if your dog could bring you the leash if you dropped it? This process works for picking up all kinds of objects (see keys above).

Teaching Stay

A basic skill for all dogs is to be able to stay where they are while their handler walks away. This helps dogs with brief tethering and is very useful around the house when the dogs need not be underfoot.